Core features to boost your sales

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Attendee manager

Easily manage, contact and filter all your attendees.

Sales analytics

Gain knowledge about your bookings and find out what channel bring you the most sales.

Booking widget

Get booked directly from your website to monetise your traffic in full.

FB Pixel

Increase the conversion of your ads on Facebook by linking your FB Pixel to Smeetz.


Sell your tickets and other services at-the-door in addition to online sales.

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How it works


Register on Smeetz and create your activity or event online.


Promote your activity or event on, or integrate our Booking widget on your own website.


Customers reserve the activity or event online and receive the tickets via email.


Scan the QR codes on the tickets, and get live analytics of your customers.

35% of clients prefer scheduling appointments during non-business hours.
25% of millennials make reservations only if they can do so online.


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We also offer more advanced features, and you can take advantage of them by selecting a plan which fits your needs the best.

We bring solutions for organisers

“I want to sell from my website, but building a booking system is expensive, and the ones out there can’t manage my schedule flexibly.”
Booking Widget

Get booked directly from your website to monetise your traffic in full.

“I currently manage booking through phone calls and paper calendar.”
Calendar integration

Synchronise your Google Calendar and offer your available slots for booking.

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“I want to personalise my ticketing experience without having to adapt to generic designs by big event platforms.”

Customise email confirmations and tickets that are sent to your customers for a more effective branding.

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What people say about Smeetz

We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Smeetz, always very responsive to our requests, from start to finish and even after the event. We highly recommend Smeetz, both for their platform and for the team that manages it!
Simple, efficient and cost-effective, a plus for our exhibition.
Smeetz helps us reduce the administrative burden of our bookings.
We sold 20% more tickets with Smeetz compared to last year.