5 reasons to digitalise the management of your events

As an organiser, you can increase your revenue, reduce your costs and simplify your processes by digitising the management of your events. Discover the 5 main reasons in this blog.

How can you boost the sales of your events through digitalisation?

  1. Use a unique and synchronised ticketing system for online and on-site sales.
  2. Take advantage of real-time sales analysis and forecasts to make informed decisions.
  3. Opt for intelligent pricing to increase revenues.
  4. Implement fast, secure, mobile access control for a smooth reception.
  5. Simplify marketing and measure the success of advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience.

1. Use a single, synchronised ticketing system for online and on-site sales

Online and on-site ticket sales are often not synchronised. This means that at any given moment it is difficult to know the exact level of sales. If an event has limited capacity, care must be taken not to sell more tickets than are available.

With Smeetz, the physical point-of-sale of the event is directly linked to the online sales system. Online and offline sales run in parallel and online sales no longer have to be stopped once on-site sales have started.

By centralising all your sales channels on Smeetz Pro, you can see in real time how many tickets are available and keep control of the tickets sold. In short, you have a stock from which to sell on the channels of your choice.

The sale of your tickets, admissions or reservations can therefore be made on a minimum of 3 channels at the same time:

  1. Online on your own website with the Smeetz Booking Widget,
  2. Online on the platformwww.smeetz.com,
  3. On-site with theSmeetz point-of-sales.
What are the advantages of online sales?
  • 24/7 sales
  • Access to a wider audience 
  • Advance ticket sales
  • All payment methods accepted
  • Automation of email confirmations

To learn more about the advantages of selling online, please read this article.

2. Take advantage of real-time sales analysis and forecasting to make informed decisions

Whether you are organising free or paid events, using Smeetz Pro you can collect valuable information about your customers and sales. During ticket sales, the data is automatically transformed into statistics on pro.smeetz.com.

Through the use of tagged links, it is possible to find out where sales come from and which channels convert the most. Is it from the organiser's website? a Facebook post? a newsletter? an Instagram ad? our Smeetz platform? This data allows you to focus on the channels that generate the most revenue. To find out more about tagged links, please read this article.

Free invitations are managed by the same system as paid tickets. Thus, the exact participation rate of each event is known, as well as the quantity of tickets sold and guests present.

During events, it is possible to see in real time how many participants have scanned their tickets and what the busiest times are. This overview is useful to better manage staff between periods of low and high attendance.

There are also statistics on the means of payment used and the types and quantities of tickets sold over time. With this data, marketing strategies can be adapted in real time. For example, for an evening with low sales, it is possible to propose a promotional code to generate an increase in the level of sales. 

If promo codes are used during a period of time, it is possible to know the exact impact of these strategies on sales. To learn more about promo codes, please read this article.

3. Opting for smart pricing to increase revenues

We offer event organisers the ability to predict their sales with our smart pricing model based on past transactions. With sufficient data, our algorithm will propose an optimal pricing for each event.

In short, Smart Pricing allows you to optimise your revenue by automatically adjusting your prices based on demand, weather or other factors specific to your business.

Find out more about Smeetz Smart Pricing by downloading the presentation from our latest workshop in Zurich.

Our Smart Pricing model is used by many of our clients and here are some of the results:

  • more than 10% more revenue compared to fixed pricing,
  • increase in the conversion rate of online sales,
  • and acceleration of advance purchases.

To learn more about the benefits of our dynamic pricing, please read this article.

Why predict your sales?
  • Financial planning: anticipate your organisation's revenues and profits.
    Direct impacts #1 Staff planning #2 Budgets
  • Marketing execution: Trigger promotions in time in case of insufficient sales forecasts.
    Direct impacts #1 Marketing actions #2 Advertising campaigns
  • Price optimisation: capture the demand curve at its maximum by adjusting prices.
    Direct impacts #1 Capacity utilisation #2 Conversion rate

4. Set up a mobile, secure and fast access control for a smooth reception

When booking online, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the participant with a unique QR code and a ticket attached in PDF format. There is no need to print the ticket. The QR code is scanned at the entrance without any problem on a mobile phone.

The scanner is also a simple mobile phone. So if there is a large influx of people, any authorised team member can take out his or her phone and start scanning tickets. In addition, a QR code has the advantage that it can be scanned in all directions, unlike a traditional bar code which can only be scanned in the right direction.

Furthermore, if a participant has forgotten his ticket or can't find his email, you can search for his name in the attendee manager on your Pro Space and check if he has a valid entry. With our unique and highly secure QR code, there is no risk of participants trying to defraud by trying to get several people through with a single ticket. Only you decide when and where the ticket can be scanned and how many times.

In this way, any entry is done professionally, quickly and securely.

5. Simplify marketing and measure the success of advertising campaigns to reach a wider audience

At Smeetz, we are convinced that well-targeted marketing can have a great impact on your sales. Our team therefore offers advice to our organisers so that they can effectively deploy the tools integrated into our system.

On the one hand, we advise our customers to integrate with HubSpot, a software that allows you to manage your contacts and target your marketing more effectively. Thanks to the booking data, you have an automatically updated database of your participants and can, for example, send personalised newsletters.

On the other hand, our clients use the Facebook Pixel to optimise the success of their advertisements on Facebook and Instagram and to reach a wider audience. This tool, which links the interactions on our website and your website with Facebook users, allows us to target ads to the users most likely to act on the message. 

To learn more about our integration with the Facebook Pixel, please read this article.

If digital marketing is not your strong point, we offer personalised marketing advice to our customers. Contact us for more information: sales@smeetz.com.

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