Smeetz for event organisers

Our online booking software meets the needs of both large and small event organisers.

Is Smeetz the right system for me?

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Do you organise large events, such as festivals, sports tournaments, conferences or exhibitions?

Smeetz offers you a way to promote the sale of your tickets in advance and to measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Events using Smeetz are particularly happy to be able to sell several types of tickets, such as "early birds" tickets and to use promotional codes to find out how effective each of their marketing actions is.

For more information on the use of discount codes: "How the use of promo codes can increase your ticket sales".

In addition, while using Smeetz, data collection has never been easier. Whether you sell on your website through our booking widget, on our platform  or at-the-door with our point of sale system (POS), tickets are sold from a single stock and the list of participants is updated in real time.

So, whether your event is free or paying, using an online booking system allows you to store valuable information about your customers in one place. This data can then be used to retarget your participants.

In addition, thanks to the link between the Facebook Pixel and our system, your marketing campaigns effectively target the users most likely to act on your message. For more information on the usefulness of the Facebook Pixel: "Using the Facebook Pixel to optimise your Facebook ads".

Do you manage a nightclub?

Please refer to this article: "The 10 advantages for a nightclub to work with Smeetz". The advantages are as follows:

  1. Selling your tickets online
  2. Selling your tickets at-the-door
  3. Reservation of tables and member cards online
  4. Quick scanning of your tickets at the entrance
  5. A single ticket for several entries
  6. Measuring the success of promoters and free invitations
  7. A better understanding of your sales thanks to our analytical data
  8. Analyses of the scans to determine the actual participation rate
  9. Optimisation of your ads thanks to our marketing tools
  10. Integration with HubSpot

Do you manage a space that requires a seating plan?

With Smeetz, your customers can buy their tickets and choose their seats thanks to our integration of various custom seating plans. Whether tickets are sold on site or online, the available seats are automatically updated in the system.

Smeetz for all

If your event is already being sold online, you can either use our booking system on all your channels or simply authorise the sale of your activity on our B2C distribution platform We have an average of 40,000 visitors on our site per month. Take advantage of this visibility without any further delay.

The functionalities of the Smeetz software for organisers are also available for small events. If you organiwe small events from time to time, don't hesitate to try Smeetz for free:

Our customers

Among our customers, we count:

  • For festivals: the Chocolate Festival and Lauslam in Lausanne, Afterseason in Villars, Into the Corn in Carrouge (VD), etc.
  • For exhibitions: Mednat in Lausanne, the Salon des Thérapies Naturelles in Morges, etc.
  • For small events: Lausanne à table, Gotham, JCI, etc.
  • For nightclubs: the D! Club Lausanne, etc.
  • For sporting events: Ladies Open Lausanne, etc.

Our partners

Among our partners, we count:

  • SBB/CFF and SwissPass
  • EPFL and its Innovation Park
  • My Switzerland
  • etc.

Your next steps with Smeetz

Our system is easy to set up: you create your account, create your first activity and activate online sales. All you have to do is promote your Smeetz link and wait for the first reservations.

Want to talk ?

If you need to sell tickets online on your website, increase your visibility through our platform or if you have a personalised request, do not hesitate to contact us:

  • By phone: +41 21 588 17 12
  • By email:
  • On our website:

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