Smeetz. Our product and our vision

Would you like to meet the Smeetz team and better understand our vision and the details of our offer? This article is made for you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Who we are

Smeetz is a startup from Lausanne. Our team is currently working in Renens in the offices of MassChallenge, an international startup accelerator.

Together, we are building a Booking Software that allows organisers of leisure activities, sports and events to increase their revenue.

Feel free to visit our website to learn more about our team and our startup.

Smeetz team members hugging and smiling wearing Smeetz T-shirts at Adventure Expo.

2. For whom is our solution

Our Booking and Ticketing Solution is designed for any type of activity or event. Our software is extremely flexible and thus addresses a wide range of customers.

Typical clients include sports classes, yoga retreats, art classes, various trainings, conferences, festivals, sports tournaments, nightclub, etc.

If you need to sell tickets on your website, increase your visibility through our platform or if you have a personalised request, do not hesitate to contact us:

  • By phone: +41 21 588 17 12
  • By email:
  • On our website:
Activity categories that can be available on Smeetz.

4. Our vision

Our goal is to create a software that allows our customers:

  • To increase their visibility,
  • To manage bookings easily,
  • To reduce their costs,
  • To increase their revenue.

In order to develop an excellent software, it is important for us to get your feedback.

Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas for improvement.

Smeetz team members hugging and smiling wearing on the beach in Lausanne.

4. The detail of our offer

When creating your activity on Smeetz, you have access to the Smeetz Pro Space. This platform offers many features, including: online ticket sales, activity and staff member management, analytical marketing, as well as a dynamic pricing tool.


You can sell your tickets:

  1. Online on your own website through our Booking Widget,
  2. Online on the platform, which has more than 40,000 users per month,
  3. On site thanks to the Smeetz point of sale.

Then, on the day of the event you can scan the tickets from your mobile phone by connecting to your Pro Space:

Screenshot of a booking widget on one of our customers' website

Example of a booking widget on one of our customers' website


You can:

  • Add your team members and give them different access
  • Manage your activity lists and schedules
  • View and download participants lists by activity in real time
  • Download the sales reports

Example of a dashboard on


You can track in real time where your sales come from:, your website, as well as all external channels such as newsletters, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Linkedin), Google Adwords, etc.

The graphs allow you to visualise which channel is the most efficient. It is possible to download the data to an Excel file. If you post different ads on the same channel, you can determine which one is the most successful.

The Smeetz Booking Software is integrated into the Facebook Pixel. You can determine how your users interact with your website: which pages have been visited, whether a product has been added to the shopping cart, etc. This allows you to target an audience based on their actions and interests for your Facebook ads.

Example of sales statistics on

Dynamic Pricing

The dymamic pricing feature helps you to optimise your prices. The prices of your activities can vary according to supply and demand and the specificities of each sector of activity (weather, season, day, hour, etc.).

For example, you can increase your rates during the high season and maximise the fill rate during the low season by reducing your rates.

If you do not want prices to change on your own website, dynamic pricing may only apply on the platform. Your prices will remain fixed on your site.

The predictions of the dymamic pricing system are calculated by taking into account past transactions. You can define a minimum and maximum price. If the prices calculated by the software do not suit you, you will always have the possibility to redefine the price yourself.

To learn more: "Smeetz and dynamic pricing to optimise the revenue of leisure activity and event organisers".

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