Tag your activity links to find out where your sales come from

If you want to know the performance of your advertising campaigns, tag your links for a better understanding of your marketing efforts.

Why you should tag your links

You promote your activity or event on many channels such as your website, Facebook, newsletters, Google Ads, etc. However, you do not know where your customers come from when they book your activity.

Did they click on the booking widget on your website? Do they come directly from www.smeetz.com? Or did they click on your latest Facebook ad?

With Smeetz's booking system, you will know which promotional channel generates the most sales. After tagging your links, you will know, for example, how many users have purchased your product after clicking on your FB ad. In addition, you can post different ads on the same channel and see which one is the most successful.

As soon as you have sales, you will see on your Pro Smeetz Account graphics representing your sales and their source (pro.smeetz.com/app/analytics/sales-analytics).

This way, you will know which channel is the most efficient.

How to tag your links

To create your referencing codes: Pro Smeetz Account > go to "Activities" > choose an activity and click on "see" > "Overview of the activity" > "Referral links for analytics".

These are referencing proposals. After the"?referrer=" you can add anything you like.

  • If they're ads,
  • if they're posts on social networks,
  • if it is a specific newsletter,
  • if someone else refers you to their website or mentions you in their newsletter, etc.

From now on, when you promote your activity, you will use a unique link that will be easily traceable.

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